Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Track Reflection Semester 1

Track Reflection
            In track this semester I worked on gaining stamina for my middle distance events by running cross country. I by seeing my time drop down by around 5 seconds I learned slightly how hard work pays off. Some of the difficulties that I encountered were schedule conflicts with volleyball in the morning. Some more physical challenged that I had to overcome in this semester concerning track included muscle cramps and nausea from long runs.  I overcame managed to limit my nausea after a long run by eating small amounts before and after my run. For muscle cramps I simply stretched a lot before and after running. Something I enjoyed about this activity was the interaction with other schools at track meets. Knowing my opponents before I ran against them was a unique feeling and this way I could feel happy for them if they performed well. If I were to repeat track again then I would show up to more practices. If I were to continue doing track in the second semester I would work on my 400 meter and 800 meter times by running cross country 4-3 times a week and occasionally running sprints. My opinion on track personally is that track is a great and effective way to become fit and participate in track meets. I think it is a great idea for any athletes as track enhances stamina and speed greatly. Track has taught me a lot about self-confidence and commitment. I can apply some of the things I have learned in track to many other sports. Even though I enjoy track greatly I still think that this activity is very repetitive especially concerning cross country as us cross country running run the same route every practice. I simply believe that track changed the cross country route occasionally it would not only be more interesting to the runners but allow them to gain a larger mental map of ISK.  In track this semester I learned some surprising things about myself, mainly I was astonished at my 400 meter time at the main track meet. Like usual, track has always been a huge obstacle with great rewards at the end and this semester was no exception. I look forward to track next year and I am eager to decrease my times.

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