Monday, 9 December 2013


My aunts orphanage

            Every 2 weeks I visit my aunts orphanage and I teach the children simple English. This means a lot to me since the children there are extremely unlucky and some are born with disabilities that make life hard. They all were outkasted or the were minority of their village so coming to teach them really is satisfying and makes me feel like a active participant of CASL since the point of CASL is to feel accomplished in the end. Some of the difficulties that I had to overcome were along the lines of communicating to the children as they know very little English. I will continue this activity next semester if all goes well. I Think that going to see these children has made me not only happy but I feel like I have gained a little leadership. The reason why these children are at this small orphanage is quit saddening. Around 1/3 of the students were found on the street abandoned by their parents all of them have been underfed or malnourished. In this activity I learned how helping the unfortunate can bring satisfaction and and I know can see how hard life is for these children and how important this orphanage

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