Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Operation Smile

In operation smile this semester I contributed by sharing my ideas and influencing my colleges as we began our year. we came up with some inspiring ideas to help raise money for people in the hospital with clef-fed mouth's so far this year we have raised enough or around 2-3 surgeries which is pretty good for the first semester. so far w had 2 major events one of that i was helping around with the games and selling merchandise and the other that i wasn't around for when i was at ISSEA Volley-Ball although i donated a few chocolate cakes to support. The end result was very satisfying leaving us with enough money for 2 surgeries for the people in the hospital with clef-fed mouth's. I feel like this group has done such a great job because we all worked with each other and no one felt left out in the meetings or events :)

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